The BAP Tutorial

It was a lasting issue that BAP didn’t have a tutorial. We have an extensive reference documentation that can even be considered as a manual, we have wiki and chats, but still it was necessary to read lots of stuff even for writing the simplest analysis. That’s why people kept asking us for the tutorial. So, today we are happy to announce the first true tutorial.

The target auditory of the tutorial is expected to be more or less advanced, as the tutorial will cover not only the basics, but will teach how to write your own analysis. The good news, is that the tutorial is bilingual, i.e., if OCaml is not in your arsenal, you can teach yourself using Python.

In the tutorial we will learn how to perform simple tasks with binaries, like examining the IR or disassembly. And we will learn how to extend BAP with new analysis. In our case, we will write a checker that will verify that a particular sequence of calls may never happen in a given program.

Please, feel free to add your comments or questions about the tutorial on its issue tracker.