Module Bap_recipe

type error
type t
type param
val load : ?paths:string list -> ?env:(string * string) list -> string -> ( t, error ) Stdlib.result

load recipe searches and loads a recipe.

Searches a recipe in the search paths specified with the paths parameter, see the search function for the description of the search rules.

If a recipe is found then it is loaded. All recipes included in the found recipe are also loaded with the load function using the same paths and env arguments.

During the loading recipe parameters are substituted using the env mapping.

If a recipe includes files, they are unpacked into a separate folder, which will be removed when close is called on the recipe.

search paths is a list of recipe names available in paths.

A file or a folder is considered to be a recipe if has the .recipe extension, therefore this function just returns the list of all files and directories that match this criterion. The names a chopped of the extension and dirnames.

val args : t -> string array

args recipe is an array of arguments specified in the recipe.

val command : t -> string option

command recipe returns the recipe command, if one exists.

val argv : ?argv:string array -> t -> string array

argv recipe builds an argument vector from the recipe.

All arguments are appended to the passed argv (which defaults to an empty array, not Sys.argv). If argv contains -- then arguments are prepended before -- with everything after -- left intact.

If the recipe specifies a command then it is inserted after the first argument in argv (if such exists), unless the second argument already specifies the same command, in which case it is ignored.

val close : t -> unit

close recipe closes the recipe and clears all associated resources.

val doc : t -> string

doc recipe is the recipe description.

val params : t -> param list

params recipe is the list of recipe parameters.

val pp_error : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> error -> unit

pp_error ppf err prints the error message err.

module Param : sig ... end

Recipe Parameters.