Module Bap_abi

ABI dispatcher.

This library accompanies the abi pass, and allows to inject arbitrary transformation on the abi recognition phase. The abi pass is run before the api pass.

The library and the pass have no specific functionality, other than running the passes, that were registered by specific compiler, language or architecture specific modules.

pass will apply all registered passes in the unspecified order

val register_pass : ( Bap.Std.project -> Bap.Std.project ) -> unit

register_pass pass registers a pass for the later execution. The pass will be run by a api pass. Usually the pass will inspect the project structure, and if it is not recognized, then it will just return the project untouched, otherwise it may apply some transformations on the project, e.g., demangling, and register further actions in the system, e.g., api transformations.

val name : string Bap.Std.tag